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Puck Hose Carts

Built tough, Puck Hose Carts are designed to perform in even the harshest manure application conditions. Our hose carts are made to transport slurry, water or other liquids, bringing you results, maximizing hose life and allowing for faster cycle times. Large enough to move high volumes of manure but robust enough to easily maneuver in the field, Puck Hose Carts are the epitome of proven performance

Ease of Use

Full operation from the tractor cab with simple features and built-in safeguards make all Puck hose carts easy to operate.

Improved Efficiency

Single-person operation streamlines your field application. Puck hose carts are designed for maximum efficiency, allowing you to power hose off the reel for simple deployment, and the products’ durable design means you can navigate obstacles without stopping. Excellent pulling power reels hose in quickly, helping you work quickly and effectively in the field.

Superior Hose Protection

The smooth edges of Puck hose carts eliminate hose punctures or tears, while the domed reel ends provide natural hose overlap on the ends. This smart design means no snapping, cuffing or twisting against a flat reel end, while the Puck Arch Guard keeps the hose from going over the reel end when reeling hose onto the cart. These features combine to minimize hose damage and make your hoses effective for years to come.


• Two-way hydraulically powered reel
• Arch guard design to keep the hose on the reel
• Tapered dome for natural hose overlap
• Excellent visibility to allow for easier hose roll-up in the field
• Full control of the entire cart inside the tractor
• 700 series tires with excellent flotation
• Single-person operation
• Leaf-spring suspension
• Pull carts in tandem with the rear hitch
• Inching valve for feeding hose behind the cart
• 20-inch Light Bars


6 INCH: 8 lengths – 1 mile
8 INCH: 4 lengths – 1/2 mile


Hydraulic Pull Motor: Single (standard) or double (optional)
Axle: 15, 000 lbs.
Brakes: Electric Brakes
Tires: 425/85 R 22.5 (standard) 500/55 R 22.5 (optional)
Lights: DOT Light Kit with Battery Breakaway
Width: 112 inches
Height: 10 feet
Unloaded Weight: 5,400 lbs.
Height: 12 ft. 6 inches


6 INCH: 11 lengths – 1 3/8 miles
8 INCH: 6 lengths – 3/4 mile


Hydraulic Pull Motor: Double – one on each side
Axle: 27,000 lbs.
Brakes: Optional – Air Brakes Drum
Tires: 425/85 R 22.5 Option: 500/55 R 22.5
Lights: Ag Light Package
Width: 133 inches
Height: 10 feet
Unloaded Weight: 6,200 lbs.
Height: 12 ft. 6 inches


6 INCH: 16 lengths – 2 miles


Hose Size: 6 Inch | 152 mm
Carrying Capacity: 16 lengths | 2 miles | 3,2 km
Hydraulic Pull Motor: Double – one on each side
Axle: 27,000 lb
Brakes: Air Brakes Drum
Tires: 700/50 R 22.5 Option: 425/85 R 22.5
Lights: Ag Light Package
Width: 154 inches
Height: 12 ft. 6 inches

Puck Turn Table

Navigating rough ground or bad field conditions? Not a problem with this turn-table reel. The TTR-20 has a tough, well-balanced design that can traverse any terrain, with tandem axles and flotation tires. This stable, performance-proven turn-table reel has been crafted from Puck’s years of liquid transport experience and tested in the toughest conditions.

Increased Capacity

The TTR-20 is robust, well-balanced and built tough to handle any job. The TTR-20 can manage 2 miles of 8-inch hose at a time — or even a mile of 10-inch.

Improved Visibility

A higher reel clears up the operator’s line of sight, making it easy to fill the cart and take care of the hose. These tasks should be simple, and the TTR-20 makes sure they are.

Terrain-Conquering Tires

A turn-table reel is only as good as its tires — and the TTR-20’s are excellent. Tandem axles with flotation tires provide the weight distribution needed to move through the rough ground with ease, keeping your operation on track.


Two-way hydraulically powered roll
• PCE arch guard
• Domed reel ends
• Hydraulic turn-table articulation
• Leaf spring suspension and heavy-duty axle
• Open/close hydraulics hand valve
• Interchangeable hitch
• Hydraulic hose rack
• No de-clutching devices


8 INCH: 10 lengths – 1 1/4 miles
10 INCH: 7 lengths – 7/8 mile


8 INCH: 16 lengths – 2 miles
10 INCH: 9 lengths – 1 1/8 mile

Puck Booster Pump

Puck’s Booster Pump is the most robust, durable unit on the market. We offer a variety of horsepower and pump combinations to meet the needs of your operation, but all Puck equipment is built with our proven expertise and designed for optimal performance. Combined with LightSpeed Pro, our pump units pack a powerful punch that improves your liquid transfer efficiency on the job and streamlines your fluid delivery.

Engine: C7.1 (302hp)
Pump: 4517MP
Dimensions: 9’4” x 20’6” x 89”

Engine: C9.3b (456hp)
Pump: 6819MPC
Dimensions: 9’4” x 20’6” x 89”

Engine: C13 (543hp)
Pump: 6819MPC
Dimensions: 11’ x 24’6” x 102”

Engine: C13 (543hp)
Pump: 81020MP
Dimensions: 11’ x 24’6” x 102”

Puck Booster with Hydrostats

Backed by years of proven performance and fluid delivery innovation, Puck Boosters with Hydrostat allow you to add lead pump functions to your pump for increased versatility. Using an engine with a rear PTO allows a booster to operate attachments. This trailer is also equipped with Puck Booster Bypass, giving you flexibility and reliability on the job.


• 3000+ gallon-per-minute pump capacities
• LightSpeed IQ control panel
• Works as a Booster Pump

Smart Versatility

A hydrostat on a booster pump gives you the versatility to meet different needs at each site. Puck has built these units to handle whatever task you need them for — whether that’s running an extra line, having a back-up for your lead pump, or using it as a booster for extra distance. This flexibility adds more efficiency and tools to your operation, helping you elevate your performance.

High Flow, High Efficiency

Puck Boosters with Hydrostat deliver more gallons pumped per gallon of diesel fuel used. The hydrostatic system also transmits more horsepower to the feeder pump for additional fuel savings, cutting costs and making your operation more efficient.

Engine: C13 (543hp)
Pump: 6819MPC
Dimensions: 11’ x 24’6” x 102”

Engine: C9.3b (456hp)
Pump: 81020MP
Dimensions: 11’ x 24’6” x 102”

Engine: C18 (755hp)
Pump: 6819MPC
Dimensions: 10’4” x 27’ x 102”

Light Speed

LightSpeed Pro

Our groundbreaking LightSpeed Pro operating platform offers unmatched pump control technology for your operation. Whether you are working in manure application or other fluid delivery industries, LightSpeed Pro brings you automated pump control with in-depth monitoring and diagnostics — with instant pump response. LightSpeed Pro is accessible from any device via an internet connection, giving you real-time control of your assets from anywhere in the world at any time. Designed in-house by Puck’s expert team, the latest iteration of LightSpeed Pro includes simple navigation, streamlined pump control, full site-mapping capabilities, and asset reporting. The detailed diagnostics ensure you can address pump problems as they arise, and the control helps bring you unparalleled efficiency and command on the job. It also makes a great training tool and an easy way to validate your processes.


Operate your entire system from a single screen. Live numbers, instant control, constant monitoring, site mapping, and detailed diagnostics are all in one place, with a user-friendly design.


Flow rate, pressures, pit level, temperatures and all other operating parameters from the site are all transmitted through LightSpeed Pro, so you can ensure everything is working correctly — no matter where you are.


Two-way communication allows you to receive on-screen verification that your commands were received and responded to, helping give you peace of mind in the midst of busy application jobs.


Log in to LightSpeed Pro from any connected device, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. All team members with access can help monitor and control the system at different user levels of access.


-Real-time asset control
-Intuitive, web-based operating platform
-Auto-throttle settings for each unit
-Warning indicator for machine vitals and operating parameters
-Accessible from any connected device
-Full site-mapping capabilities

Standard on all Puck pumps, LightSpeed IQ, is always watching — even without the assistance of LightSpeed Pro. Use Auto-Throttle to set the flow, operating pressures and program automatic responses, helping lock-in effective flow rates. LightSpeed IQ continually adjusts the feeder pump and primary pump to ensure optimum performance.

LightSpeed Pro gives you fast, full control of your pumps from any connected device. Start, stop, monitor and adjust pumps from miles away, map out fields, set pressure parameters and more. This technology is invaluable for any liquid transfer operation, helping save you time, maintenance and unnecessary work.

Pull Type Toolbar


Built out of our own experience in the field, Puck’s Pull-Type Toolbars lead the industry in effective, efficient application. More width means increased flow and decreased ground speed, allowing you to achieve a more thorough, successful application without sacrificing time. With continuous innovations, performance-proven strength and a design that is easy to transport, our Pull-Type Toolbars will help your operation be successful and make your job easier in the field.

• Increased width increase flow
• Wider applicator bar allows you to increase flow rates
• Increase flow rates to maintain similar ground speed, or decrease ground speed with the same flow rates
• 8” Puck swingarm
• 24- or 30-inch row spacings
• Widths from 35 to 55 feet
• Narrow and Shorter transport height with front-fold applicators
• Easy to switch tractors from one applicator to another
• 3-point hitch needed

Improved Efficiency

Puck’s first front-fold, 45-foot application allows for easier turns while in the ground and on the end rows.

New Torsion Flex Injector

Coulter-style tillage tool designed by Bauer Built, a leader in toolbar designs.

Bauer Toolbar


Puck’s Bauer Toolbar is an innovative manure applicator designed to tackle tough conditions and bring you results in the field. It has a large width that brings increased flow, allowing you to slow down the tractor without sacrificing time. Puck teamed up with Bauer Built Manufacturing to produce a 45-foot applicator with easier turns in the ground and on the end rows, more travel per row and less maintenance. The durable applicator, developed through the combination of Bauer Built’s years of toolbar experience with the DB planter line and Puck’s expertise in manure application, leads the way forward in manure application technology.


• Torsion flex swivel row units
• Sealed closer bearing
• Oil bath main opener
• 3 distributers with individual dump gates
• 8” swingers with 8” flow meter
• Sealed swing-arm bearings
• Front-fold double 4×6 bar

• 12.5’ transport width
• Hydraulic fold for swingers and bar eliminated need to get out and change axle pins
• 80 series flotation tires
• LCD bar control
• Individual wing tip control for easy turn-around with coulters in the ground
• Frame built by Bauer Built, which has over 20 years of toolbar experience

3PT Toolbar

3PT Toolbar

Puck’s 3-Point Toolbar is a toolbar that flows and is built to adapt to the unique needs of your operation. Application jobs require different styles and widths depending on the customer, and the 3-Point Toolbar can be customized with the tools and the size you need. Featuring bigger flows, longer life, and less maintenance, this toolbar is another way Puck is leading the industry in manure application equipment, with proven performance and customer-focused innovation.


• Complete applicator for easy setup on a 3-point hitch
• Row spacing as narrow as 24 inches
• Equipped with Krohne Flow Meter
• 6” to 8” piping for bigger flows
• Hydraulic dampening cylinder on swing-arm
• 360-degree swivel on hose hookup
• Longer life and less maintenance with new Slewing bearing design on swing-arm


Puck’s 3-Point Toolbar is built for your operation, adaptable to 4WD or Front Wheel Assist Tractors, and made to fit your choice of row units. It also comes in various widths (14–30 feet) to meet the specific demands of your operation.


The adaptable widths and folding bars make road transportation and storage with the 3-Point Toolbar easy and convenient. We want our equipment to make your job easier — and that includes storing and transporting it.


The 3-Point Toolbar is built to perform. 6” to 8” piping and 3” downtimes reduce friction loss and improve flow rates, keeping your application jobs running smoothly and your customers satisfied.

-JD 2100 Ripper

4WD Swingarm

Puck’s 4-Wheel Drive mounted Swingarm is the easiest and most efficient way to run an applicator. Fits right on the tractor, the 4WD Swingarm allows you to turn around quickly and precisely, navigating rough terrain and difficult field conditions to deliver nutrients to the ground. These accurate turns eliminate the need for backing up, and your hose stays flat and level during all turnarounds.

• Equipped with 8” flow meter
• Slewing bearing swivel results in minimal maintenance on the swingarm
• Hydraulic shut-off gates
• Pig launcher for easy clean-out
• Can be fitted to almost any tractor
• Operates independently from toolbar for easy tool change
• Easily hooks up to multiple applicator bars
• Less stress on toolbar and tractor during turnarounds
• No need to rewire flow meter when changing tools
• Turn around without backing up
• Swinger sits directly above axle to provide much easier operation

Puck 3067 Agitation Boat

Puck’s 3067 system is a small but mighty force for manure agitation. The boat’s lightweight structure allows it to maneuver in tough areas and effectively agitate an entire lagoon. The 3067 system is manufactured with your needs and our decades of experience in mind, this agitation boat stands above the rest, helping you regain storage space and achieve consistent nutrients from top to bottom.

• 4,400 GPM pump capacity
• Easy to operate
• Simple to maintain
• Unsurpassed ROI: low cost of ownership and operation and impressive versatility save you money down the road

Make it Your Primary Pump

With added horsepower, LightSpeed Pro and a flow meter, the 3067 can effectively serve as a lead pump. This versatility saves you time and money, while also bringing reliable performance to your operation.

Easy to Relocate

Moving between sites is made simple with Puck’s 3067 system. The lightweight agitation boat is easy to transport behind a pickup, eliminating transportation issues caused by bulky equipment.

Advanced Intake Screen

An updated intake screen improves priming and eliminates plugging.

Minimal Maintenance

This agitation boat’s lightweight, powerful design demonstrates the best of Puck’s versatility and proven performance. With a pump that is easy to access for clean-out, only two moving parts under the water and three grease points to maintenance, this agitation boat works reliably when you need it — decreasing downtime and keeping your operation flowing.

Efficiently Agitate with Auto-Steer

The auto-steer features allow the 3067 boat’s agile frame to cover the entire lagoon surface for through agitation. Plus, you can set boundary points to prevent issues for worry-free, self-controlled operation.

Puck 4510 Agitation Boat

Puck’s 4510 system is a world-class agitation boat crafted with Puck’s unique expertise and built for optimum performance. This innovative agitator is well-suited for large lagoons, with a large pump capacity that mixes large quantities faster and increases the efficiency of your operation.

• 8,000 GPM pump capacity
• Excellent outflow pressure
• Easy to operate
• Simple to maintain
• Unsurpassed ROI: low cost of ownership and operation and impressive versatility save you money down the road

Versatile Operation

The 4510 can adapt its performance to your needs, with the ability to agitate, transfer, load wagons, force feed and double as a lead pump.

Maintain Ideal Pressure

Maintaining pressure is a crucial component of successful vertical agitation. Puck’s 4510 Agitation Boat eliminates guesswork from the equation, which includes pressure transmitters that integrate with our technology so you can read and monitor outflow pressure from the shore.

Advanced Intake Screen

An updated intake screen improves priming and eliminates plugging.

Minimal Maintenance

This agitation boat’s lightweight, powerful design demonstrates the best of Puck’s versatility and proven performance. With a pump that is easy to access for clean-out, only two moving parts under the water and three grease points to maintenance, this agitation boat works reliably when you need it — decreasing downtime and keeping your operation flowing.

Efficiently Agitate with Auto-Steer

The auto-steer features allow the 3067 boat’s agile frame to cover the entire lagoon surface for through agitation. Plus, you can set boundary points to prevent issues for worry-free, self-controlled operation.

Puck AGI-Boom Agitator

Puck’s Agi-Boom is an innovative agitation solution that fits all pits. Effective agitation is crucial to the success of your operation — but with large storing facilities, that can be difficult. Puck crafted the Agi-Boom to combat common agitation issues, with a powerful design that can service barn depths to 13 feet. With a compact design that is fast to transport and easy to maneuver around barns, this Agitation Trailer is manufactured with your operation in mind.

Fits Any Pit

With Puck’s Agi-Boom trailer, there’s no need for multiple tip pumps. Whatever type of pit you’re working with, this trailer can service it — up to 13-feet deep.

Easy to Transport

The compact design of this trailer means you can start agitation long before the tractors arrive and wash in between jobs. The Agi-Boom proves that no performance doesn’t require bulky equipment.

Simple Setup

With the Agi-Boom, you can get right to work. The remote-controlled hydraulic boom gives you full command, three knuckle points increase the maneuverability, and the smart design makes the trailer easy to move around the site.

Top Load-Out

Fill wagons or transfer manure between barns using the Agi-Boom’s top load-out.

Quality Agitation

Sufficient agitation is crucial for even application of nutrients and maintaining capacity. The Agi-Boom’s powerful blasts bottom solids into suspension using a high-powered pump and two independently gated nozzles that rotate 180 degrees. Plus, adding a hydrostat system transmits more horsepower to the feeder pump for higher fuel efficiency.

Extend-A-Boom Agitators

Puck’s Extend-A-Boom Agitation Trailer uses an accessible, versatile design to meet all of your pumping needs. This trailer is designed to reach under the roof of a cattle barn to agitate the pit below, with a submersible chopper pump that tilts and lowers at the end of a telescopic boom. The Extend-A-Boom leads the way forward in pit agitation, with smooth, remote-controlled operation, hydrostatic power for fuel efficiency, and two agitation nozzles that can be rotated 180 degrees and opened and closed independently.

Low Clearance

The Extend-A-Boom is easy to maneuver in tight spaces, with a low clearance that allows you to service under the barn eave and agitate even the hardest-to-reach pit.

Longest Reach

The Extend-A-Boom’s long hydraulic boom puts sufficient agitation within reach, with the ability to stretch across the stall and get the job done.

Dragline Hose


Drag hose is a vital part of your operation, efficiently transporting liquid to your job site. Puck supplies you with the highest-performing hose on the market, which has a durable coating to ensure easy movement through any terrain and a large diameter to maintain high flow rates. Puck knows performance, and our drag hose proves that, serving as a high-quality liquid transfer tool that can be easily moved through the site for continuous liquid transport, wherever you need it. Each pipeline is sized to fit your system and applicator, giving you a custom solution for impressive liquid delivery.


-7.25” Drag
-6” Drag
-5.5” Drag
-5” Drag

5" Drags

Pressure - 250psi
Burst - 500psi
End Tensile Strength- 40,000 lbs
Weight - 1.15 lbs/ft

5-1/2" Drags

Pressure - 250psi
Burst - 500psi
End Tensile Strength- 46,000 lbs
Weight - 1.26 lbs/ft

Pressure - 250psi
Burst - 500psi
End Tensile Strength- 46,000 lbs
Weight - 1.45 lbs/ft

Pressure - 250psi
Burst - 500psi
End Tensile Strength- 70,000 lbs
Weight - 1.89 lbs/ft

Honey Badger


The Honey Badger brings world-class pumping capabilities to your liquid transfer operation, combining an extended reach with the high-efficiency of a Cornell submersible feeder pump. With an innovative design that draws on Puck’s years of liquid-pumping experience, the Honey Badger sets up in minutes, is highly energy efficient and has flow rates of over 3,000 gallons per minute.


-Fits all liquid storage types
-Comes equipped with LightSpeed IQ technology
-LightSpeed Pro ready for in-depth pump control and monitoring
-3,000+ gallon per minute pump capacities


No matter what your operation looks like, the Honey Badger can help. It works for all kinds of liquid storage, seamlessly adapting to your operation.


Three knuckle points bring you a high level of maneuverability, and the remote-controlled hydraulic boom makes every job more manageable.


The Honey Badger’s Cornell Submersible Feeder Pump saves on energy but doesn’t sacrifice power — bringing you higher flow rates at a lower cost. Plus, the Honey Badger pumps more gallons per gallon of diesel fuel consumed, further maximizing your investment.


Built into the Honey Badger, LightSpeed IQ works even without LightSpeed Pro. Set flow, pressures and automatic responses with auto-throttle, and easily adjust your feeder and primary pump for the best performance.



Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) has mastered strip-till by creating excellent tillage zones for optimum nutrient placement. Add PCE’s Fluid Delivery System and you have an excellent system to target any application rate.


Create Zones: 8”-16” wide, 6”-12” deep, Horizontal absorption throughout the zone layers nutrients for plant uptake.


Improve moisture holding capacity, Break compaction, Greatly minimize runoff.


Wide, robust frame handles high ground speeds 600/70R30 dual tires reduce compaction.


Target 5,000 to 20,000 gallons per acre without slowing down your flow 30 to 50 ft toolbar configurations - ask us about detachable wings to suit a variety of application goals.

Mainline Hoses


The mainline hose is the fastest and most economical way to transport liquid to your work site, at any distance. Puck brings you the best mainline on the market, with large-diameter hoses that allow for better pump performance, improved flow rates, and longer distances — without changing the pump.

Our mainline hose options include:

Polyurethane Mainline: Smooth outer coating that creates a higher level of UV and abrasion resistance.
Nitrile Rubber Mainline: Easier to flatten, making it simple to reel onto a hose cart.


10” Polyurethane - Flow rates of over 3,000 gallons per minute
8” Polyurethane - Flow rates of 2,500–3,000 gallons per minute
7.25” Polyurethane-Flow rates of 1,500–2,250 gallons per minute
6” Polyurethane - Flow rates of 500–1,500 gallons per minute
6” Rubber - Flow rates of 500–1,500 gallons per minute

Pressure - 250psi
Burst - 500psi
End Tensile Strength- 70,000 lbs
Wall Thickness - .18 inch
Weight - 1.9 lbs/ft

Pressure - 250psi
Burst - 500psi
End Tensile Strength- 80,000 lbs
Wall Thickness - .18 inch
Weight - 2.1lbs/ft

Pressure - 250psi
Burst - 500psi
End Tensile Strength- 96,000 lbs
Wall Thickness - .2 inch
Weight - 2.85 lbs/ft