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Hose Carts

Puck Hose Carts

Built tough, Puck Hose Carts are designed to perform in even the harshest manure application conditions. Our hose carts are made to transport slurry, water or other liquids, bringing you results, maximizing hose life and allowing for faster cycle times. Large enough to move high volumes of manure but robust enough to easily maneuver in the field, Puck Hose Carts are the epitome of proven performance

Ease of Use

Full operation from the tractor cab with simple features and built-in safeguards make all Puck hose carts easy to operate.

Improved Efficiency

Single-person operation streamlines your field application. Puck hose carts are designed for maximum efficiency, allowing you to power hose off the reel for simple deployment, and the products’ durable design means you can navigate obstacles without stopping. Excellent pulling power reels hose in quickly, helping you work quickly and effectively in the field.

Superior Hose Protection

The smooth edges of Puck hose carts eliminate hose punctures or tears, while the domed reel ends provide natural hose overlap on the ends. This smart design means no snapping, cuffing or twisting against a flat reel end, while the Puck Arch Guard keeps the hose from going over the reel end when reeling hose onto the cart. These features combine to minimize hose damage and make your hoses effective for years to come.


• Two-way hydraulically powered reel
• Arch guard design to keep the hose on the reel
• Tapered dome for natural hose overlap
• Excellent visibility to allow for easier hose roll-up in the field
• Full control of the entire cart inside the tractor
• 700 series tires with excellent flotation
• Single-person operation
• Leaf-spring suspension
• Pull carts in tandem with the rear hitch
• Inching valve for feeding hose behind the cart
• 20-inch Light Bars


6 INCH: 8 lengths – 1 mile
8 INCH: 4 lengths – 1/2 mile


Hydraulic Pull Motor: Single (standard) or double (optional)
Axle: 15, 000 lbs.
Brakes: Electric Brakes
Tires: 425/85 R 22.5 (standard) 500/55 R 22.5 (optional)
Lights: DOT Light Kit with Battery Breakaway
Width: 112 inches
Height: 10 feet
Unloaded Weight: 5,400 lbs.
Height: 12 ft. 6 inches


6 INCH: 11 lengths – 1 3/8 miles
8 INCH: 6 lengths – 3/4 mile


Hydraulic Pull Motor: Double – one on each side
Axle: 27,000 lbs.
Brakes: Optional – Air Brakes Drum
Tires: 425/85 R 22.5 Option: 500/55 R 22.5
Lights: Ag Light Package
Width: 133 inches
Height: 10 feet
Unloaded Weight: 6,200 lbs.
Height: 12 ft. 6 inches


6 INCH: 16 lengths – 2 miles


Hose Size: 6 Inch | 152 mm
Carrying Capacity: 16 lengths | 2 miles | 3,2 km
Hydraulic Pull Motor: Double – one on each side
Axle: 27,000 lb
Brakes: Air Brakes Drum
Tires: 700/50 R 22.5 Option: 425/85 R 22.5
Lights: Ag Light Package
Width: 154 inches
Height: 12 ft. 6 inches

Puck Turn Table

Navigating rough ground or bad field conditions? Not a problem with this turn-table reel. The TTR-20 has a tough, well-balanced design that can traverse any terrain, with tandem axles and flotation tires. This stable, performance-proven turn-table reel has been crafted from Puck’s years of liquid transport experience and tested in the toughest conditions.

Increased Capacity

The TTR-20 is robust, well-balanced and built tough to handle any job. The TTR-20 can manage 2 miles of 8-inch hose at a time — or even a mile of 10-inch.

Improved Visibility

A higher reel clears up the operator’s line of sight, making it easy to fill the cart and take care of the hose. These tasks should be simple, and the TTR-20 makes sure they are.

Terrain-Conquering Tires

A turn-table reel is only as good as its tires — and the TTR-20’s are excellent. Tandem axles with flotation tires provide the weight distribution needed to move through the rough ground with ease, keeping your operation on track.


Two-way hydraulically powered roll
• PCE arch guard
• Domed reel ends
• Hydraulic turn-table articulation
• Leaf spring suspension and heavy-duty axle
• Open/close hydraulics hand valve
• Interchangeable hitch
• Hydraulic hose rack
• No de-clutching devices


8 INCH: 10 lengths – 1 1/4 miles
10 INCH: 7 lengths – 7/8 mile


8 INCH: 16 lengths – 2 miles
10 INCH: 9 lengths – 1 1/8 mile

Custom Built Hose Humper