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CFS Screens

CFS Heavy Duty Screw Press Screens

390mm Length and available in (3) wedge wire widths:
  • 1.0 mm
  • 0.75 mm
  • 0.50 mm
520mm Length and available in (3) wedge wire widths:
  • 1.0 mm
  • 0.75 mm
  • 0.50 mm
Fits the following machines:
  • Doda 780 Screw Press
  • FAN 780 Screw Press

CFS Inserts (For Big John Separators)

  • Wedge wire inserts for front of machine
  • Wedge wire inserts for rear of machine
  • Available in 1.0mm and 0.75mm

Where are your screens made?

Our screens are American made in our facility with a trained and experienced team.

How durable are your screens?

They are built out of heavy-duty stainless steel to provide sound structure and resist corrosion. We build our screens to last longer and provide a tighter tolerance that results in the best dry matter material possible. 
Our screens exceed the manufacturer’s specifications because of our knowledgeable technicians. CFS customers notice a performance improvement, meaning they spend less time cleaning and more time running their equipment. We also perform a rigorous 20-point inspection and reverify and validate the process.

How often should I clean my screw press screen?

This is dependent on the frequency of your run-times. However, cleaning it every 1-2 weeks is best. 

How often do I need to replace my screw press screens?

Depending on your run-time frequency, a screen may need to be replaced every four to six months. 

How do I know when to replace a screw press screen?

Closely monitor any wear signs, including decreased throughput, a more considerable tolerance, and a decrease in your dry matter percentage. 

What brands do you carry?

We carry DODA, Bauer, FAN, and CRI-Man. We do not make screens for any other industry or equipment because we specialize in screw press auger screens.

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