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Auger Refurbishment

CFS Heavy Duty Screw Press Screens

390mm Length and available in (3) wedge wire widths:

• 1.0 mm
• 0.75 mm
• 0.50 mm

Fits the following machines:

• Doda 780 Screw Press
• FAN 780 Screw Press

• Wedge wire inserts for front of machine
• Available in 1.0mm and 0.75mm

CFS Auger Refurbishment

Due to the increased need to produce dry material from screw presses and increasing costs, CFS Inc. is proud to offer an alternative to purchasing a new auger. When an auger helix is bent or worn, our fully functional fabrication shop can refurbish your old augers. Our skilled auger refurbishing team can rebuild flights, drive splines, and hot-dip plate many of the leading manufacturer's augers.