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Solid Separators

DariTech Decanter Centrifuge

• Excellent nutrient recovery and phosphorus reduction.
• High solids capture for clean lagoons.
• Cleaner flush water & reduced water usage.
• Lagoon water usable for pivot irrigation.
• Full-length tungsten carbide tile scroll protection.
• Heavy-duty plow and wipers.
• Corrosion-resistant.
• Low horsepower.
• Easy to operate and maintain.

DT Manure Roller Press

• High production press for use with 2-DT360’s or DTX.
• Airbag to create a dryer product.
• Heavy-duty oversized bearings and shaft.

• Designed for DT360.
• Individual airbag pressure to control dryness and feed speed between set of rollers.
• Expected dry matter 30-35%.
• Product is usable as green bedding.

DTX Manure Separator

• Available in 24”, 48”, and 96” models.
• Stainless steel construction.
• High solids capture rate.
• Ideal for water make up in sand separation systems.
• Low maintenance.
• Gear-motor drive, made in the U.S.
• Use with a variety of roller press sizes depending on the use for solids.

DT360 Manure Separator

• Low HP operation
• 3” Stainless Steel tubular frame construction
• Solid nylon idler wheels
• Built in bypass system
• No daily cleaning required
• 3/16”, 1/8”, 1/16” punched screens available
• Mesh and hybrid screens available
• Gearbox made in the U.S.
• Used in primary and secondary separation for high-quality flush water

EYS Screw Press Manure Separators

Whatever your screw press manure separation needs, Daritech’s EYS separators can get the job done.

7.5 HP, up to 800 cow capacity, ideal for green bedding and designed to feed Bedding Master in-vessel composter.

7.5 HP, up to 1,200 cow capacity, ideal for green bedding.

15 HP up to 1,800 cow capacity, ideal for green bedding.

Doda 780 Heavy Duty Screw Press

• Stainless steel construction with user-friendly side doors to inspect inside of machine
• 8mm thick loading chamber to absorb additional torque
• Oversized planetary drive with automatic greasers
• Additional weights for added squeezing pressure
• Stainless Cast, and Stainless Steel Cast Fat augers available
• Heavy-duty wedge wire screens for exceptional separation available at .5mm, .75mm, or 1mm widths
• Cantilever arms with moveable weights to adjust solids dryness
• Chopper knives (7) destroy foreign items trying to enter unit
• Tungsten-Carbide seal system and warning to keep weep hole assures no liquid contamination of planetary drive