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Peecon TMR Feed Mixers


All the Biga feed mixers available af CFS in Auburn are equipped with unique Peecon Double Action augers. These augers ensure fast and homogeneous mixing, so that any livestock can be provided with precise and homogeneously mixed rations. Peecon also offers modified augers for special products and rations.

Our range of Biga feed mixers is divided into the standard models (“Generation III” models) and the Future models. The Future models have a special tub design and a whole package of extra features. The patented Future mixing tub provides additional protection against boiling over, especially in the case of dry rations. And thanks to its unique shape, it has extra robustness and stability. Furthermore, the Future models are equipped as standard with an electronic weighing system that can be used with feed management software. The adjustable discharge chutes are made with stainless steel for even better delivery of the feed. The extra thick augers are made from high-tensile steel and have an extra discharge unit for an even flow of rations during unloading. The Future design features are available with all the “Generation III” Biga models.

Our range consists of feed mixers with 1 auger (Eco), 2 augers (Twin), 3 augers (Mammoet) and 4 augers (Mega Mammoet). The Plus models are fitted with a discharge belt, which can be placed at the front or the back of the machine. The Wide Body models have side walls that slope outwards at an angle of 2.5° or 5°; this way, the width at the bottom and the height of the machine are the same, but the volume is increased.

In addition, various special versions of feed mixers are available from CFS in Auburn for different applications or situations, such as our Biga Rapide (self-propelled), Biga Lowliner (low center of gravity design), Biga Twin Pacman (self-propelled and self-loading), Biga (Twin) Scoop (with tailgate) and many other models.

Reasons why you should choose a Peecon Biga feed mixer from CFS in Auburn:

-The rapid homogeneous mixing leads to healthy cows and high milk yields
-Limited power requirements due to innovative solutions
-Very long life and low maintenance through the use of high quality materials
-Excellent value for money
-5 Year warranty on the drive line because of the unique auger construction
-Weighing system with the highest precision rating, awarded the DLG quality label
-Already more than 8,500 satisfied users
-Worldwide sales network and spare parts supply
-Long economic life, low depreciation
-We can customise the feed mixers to suit your specific needs