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Nuhn Lagoon Crawler

The Lagoon Crawler is the best machine to mix your lagoon or pit efficiently. The Lagoon Crawler is the world’s first amphibious remote-controlled agitation boat, designed to agitate lagoons. The 2020 Crawler is tougher, meaner, and more powerful than other models on the market.

  • 4' Ground Clearance - The wheels drop down to give the vehicle a 4' off-ground clearance. This feature is remote-controlled. .
  • Agitation Boat - Provides the ability to drive into the lagoon to turn into an agitation boat. As an agitation boat, it is able to climb and agitate through thick lagoons.
  • Tri Port Header - Pumps 12,000 GPM. Volumes are used to steer the Crawler through the lagoon.
  • No Priming System- No priming required. The pump is submerged, which allows it to pump the heaviest solids.


  • Built-In Screen - The 2020 Lagoon Crawler features a new Remote Control System, with a built-in screen. The new screen allows users to maintain optimal functionality and manipulate the Crawler with its improved GPS mode.
  • Proportional Control - Provides fine-grained control through feedback mechanisms. It provides more effective and accurate control over the Crawler to make the agitation process safer and consistently reliable. By applying more pressure on the drive joystick, the Crawler will drive faster and other functions (steering and the agitation cannon) become proportional.
  • More Torque Smart Traction - The Hydraulic System has been completely redesigned and now has 4,000Psi. This system gives insane torque to the wheel. It includes a redesigned Smart Traction Control System to prevent wheels from locking by sending more oil to the problematic wheel. These updates allow the Crawler to climb out of steeper pits.
  • Integrated GPS - Users are able to save up to 8 Fence Posts in the lagoon, providing the opportunity to create a boundary for the Crawler to stay in. The Crawler will randomly bounce around the set boundaries designated by the Fence Posts. The Crawler is equipped with Speed Control, which automatically adjusts the speed depending on the wind direction slowing down when moving with the wind and increase the speed against wind resistance.